Welcome to Java Search!

JavaSearch is a file search utility that can look up files in your file system using search criteria about their name or content.

JavaSearch outstanding features:

  • search recursively within any folder hierarchy
  • search recursively within any zip-compatible archive (ie.e .zip, .jar and J2EE archives: .war, .ear and .rar)
  • The search is performed at any level of archive nesting, for instance: searching for files in a .jar within a.war within a .ear
  • Comfortable, easy to use and user-friedly graphical user interface
  • Windows explorer integration on Windows systems and Finder integration on Macintosh systems
  • Platform-independant, works on Windows, Mac OS/X, Linux and Unix operating systems
  • Easy installation with the cross-platform graphical installer
  • Flexible licensing with the open-source Apache License, Version 2.0

Java Search user interface

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